IF101 Corporate Finance

Get an introduction to the concepts and methods that financial managers use to make effective investing and financing decisions, and begin to explore the ways in which value is created and measured. Devote specific attention to the financial management context, the time value of money, risk and return, the cost of capital, the valuation of stocks and bonds, capital budgeting decision-analysis tools, the impact of financial leverage on cost of capital and valuation, dividend policy and an overview of financial statement analysis.

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IA101 Introduction to Financial Accounting

Learn financial accounting fundamentals and how to identify, measure and report on the financial effects of economic events on enterprises. Topics include accrual accounting concepts; preparation, understanding and analysis of financial statements; accounting for sales and cost of sales; inventory valuation; depreciation of operational assets; and accounting for investments, liabilities and present value concepts.

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IA202 Intermediated Accounting II

Expand upon the financial accounting concepts and principles covered in IA201 Intermediate Accounting I, and learn how enterprises account for liabilities and equity accounts, including current and noncurrent liabilities, leases, pensions, income taxes, contributed capital, retained earnings and stock options. Additional topics cover earnings per share, the statement of cash flows, accounting changes and error corrections.

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IA301 Managerial Accounting

Study the concepts, theory and practice of the cost-control function of management. Learn what information is needed within an organization; where to obtain this information; and how managers can use this information to plan, control and make decisions. Topics include cost behavior and forecasting, capital budgeting, activity-based costing and management, costs of quality and productivity improvement programs, cost-volume analysis, tactical decision making and transfer pricing.

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